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There’s a New Flu Shot in New Orleans

Questions answered in this article:

– How bad will flu season 2015 be?

– What is the difference between Quadrivalent and Trivalent flu shots?

– Why is the Quadrivalent flu shot better?

– Is the flu vaccine safe?

– Should everyone get the flu vaccine?

– How much is the flu shot at Urgent Care MD New Orleans?


Flu season is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: time for everyone in the family to get a flu shot. Getting vaccinated now is your first line of defense against the flu, and no clinic is better prepared to help with that than we are at Urgent Care MD New Orleans.


Dr. Patrick Dennis, proud member of Urgent Care MD's medical staff.

Urgent Care MD’s Dr. Patrick Dennis expects this year’s flu to be just as rough as last year.


As Dr. Patrick Dennis explains, “Based on last year’s severity of flu cases and an early onset of positive flu tests in clinics, we predict this year will be equally severe. Early vaccination is the best defense against a bad flu season. Protect your family, and get them vaccinated.” This year, we’re going one step further and using the new Quadrivalent flu vaccine in order to offer you and your family the strongest protection available on the market.


The Quadrivalent vaccine was approved for use in 2012 and, as the name suggests, it protects against four unique flu viruses, as opposed to the traditional Trivalent vaccine, which protects against only three. The CDC website states that the traditional vaccine protects against two influenza “A” viruses and one influenza “B” virus, even though there are two strains of “B” viruses that can cause illness. This means if you stick with the usual shot, you’left vulnerable and unprotected. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine drives this point home by showing that the Quadrivalent vaccine was 70% effective in preventing more serious cases of the flu and resulted in 77% fewer child absences from school – in practical terms, that means less sick days and time away from your daily life.


Quadrivalent flu shots are in at Urgent Care MD New Orleans in Lakeview.

Quadrivalent flu shots are in at Urgent Care MD New Orleans in Lakeview.


The Quadrivalent vaccine may be new, but it’s still safe: it’s made the exact same way as older flu vaccines, with the only difference being that there’s additional protection. Expected side effects are the same as with other flu vaccines, and it takes two weeks for protection to start. The Quadrivalent formulation can be given to people over 6 months of age. There are a small number of people who should not receive the flu shot, but the doctors at Urgent Care MD will screen you to make sure you’re safe to receive it. Dr. Dennis reminds everyone that we all need an annual flu shot to maintain protection because “each year, the virus strains can mutate and become resistant; therefore, the antibodies you produced last year may not protect you against this year’s strains. Each year’s vaccines are adjusted to provide more adequate coverage against the year’s predicted strains.”


How much will it cost? Most insurances cover the cost of a flu shot. But, Urgent Care MD New Orleans is proud to announce that our self-pay price for the 2015 Quadrivalent flu vaccine is only $30! We’re very proud to say that Urgent Care MD in Lakeview has one of the lowest prices in town.


The important thing is that you’re thinking of getting your flu vaccine, but don’t stop at that. Don’t you want to make sure your family is as protected as possible from the flu? Only a limited number of all flu shots made will be Quadrivalent this season, and we’ve got it in stock at Urgent Care MD. Come see us today for a quick and easy visit so you can be fully prepared for fall!


Don't risk getting sick this Halloween, come see us at Urgent Care MD New Orleans!

Don’t risk getting sick this Halloween, come see us at Urgent Care MD New Orleans!


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