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Happy Veterans Day to Veterans of All Kinds

Associated Press photo from Dr. Dennis's Green Beret days.

Associated Press photo from Dr. Dennis’s Green Beret days.

Prior to his career in medicine, Dr. Patrick Dennis was an enlisted member of the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces “Green Berets”. This photo was taken by an Associated Press journalist and run in newspapers across the country during the 80’s. According to Dr. Dennis, this service dog named Dante, “was an amazing dog”. 

His military service and love for dogs is why Dr. Dennis and Urgent Care MD are huge supporters of many different veterans associations.

This Veterans Day, please think to donate to one of the following veteran’s organizations, or one of your choice.

Wounded Warrior Project

– Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

– Warrior Dogs Foundation.

Thank you for your support of Dr. Dennis and veterans all over New Orleans and our great country.

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