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Dr. Dennis Visits Chalmette National Cemetery for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a very important day to us here at Urgent Care MD New Orleans.

Many people in the Urgent Care MD family are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Our employees and staff care greatly about our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country.


Chalmette National Cemetery Sign


Dr. Patrick Dennis is a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces “Green Berets”. As always, Dr. Dennis likes to show his appreciation with action. Taking his daughters, Dr. Dennis spent the Friday before Memorial Day planting American Flags at memorial markers inside Chalmette National Cemetery.


Dr. Dennis and his Daughter talk with General Mills

U.S. Marine Corp Lieutenant General Richard P. Mills takes the time to speak with Dr. Dennis and his daughter.

Chalmette Grave Markers Long

During a very peaceful morning, hundreds of volunteers took time out of their day to honor those who served our country, and didn’t make it back.

Please watch the following video featuring footage from that morning. To all of those who we have lost while fighting the good fight, thanks for your service.