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Job Openings

Looking for LPN’s and MA’s. This position is part-time. Responsibilities include preparing treatment rooms, maintain inventory of supplies, sterilize and clean instruments, take and record patient’s vital signs and collects specimens for analysis. Candidates must have state license or be certified. Must have experience in a medical office or hospital, computer skills, and strong customer service skills. CPR certified. Also must be able to work flexible evening hrs 2p-7pm and some weekends. Fax resume to 504-309-7115.

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UCMD Offers Allergy Testing

If you suffer from allergies, Urgent Care MD can help you find a long-term allergy solution! Using AllerVision we can find the cause of your allergies, thus preventing your misery from returning season after season. We offer two types of immunotherapy: shots and sublingual drops. Shots will require you to visit our office up to twice a week for 3-5 years of injections. Opting for sublingual drops allows you to place a few drops of serum in the comfort of your home. You would only need to visit us every 12 weeks for a refill and follow-up. You should see a significant need for allergy medications within a few short months! And within four years, your environmental allergies will go into remission! Call us at 504.309.7108 to inquire more about allergy testing or to make an appointment today.

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Dr. Dennis featured on WWL today!

More severe flu strain widespread in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS — Even with an early start to the flu season this year, the number of cases nationwide is still on the rise. Here in Louisiana nearly 800 people have tested positive for the flu since Oct. 1.

Those tests show the virus is now widespread in the state. National health experts say this year’s strain is more severe than in recent years.
Ross Heidingsfelder got tested for the flu Tuesday.

He said he felt like he was coming down with something on New Year’s Day, felt better for a couple of days, and now, is achy and congested.

“Most of them have the same complaints: cough, cold, congestion, low-grade to high-grade fever, a little bit of muscle aches, fatigue,” said Dr. Patrick Dennis.

He tested positive for influenza type b. Dr. Patrick Dennis said that’s the more rare strain that he’s seeing in his practice this year.
“95 percent of them have been testing positive for flu a” he said.

According to Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals data, the influenza a strain going around is a 99 percent match to the flu vaccine. The b strain is a 69 percent match.

The latest numbers from the state show the rate of infections is still climbing, something Dr. Dennis is seeing in his Harrison Avenue urgent care clinic.

“It definitely seems to be spiking over the past three weeks,” Dr.Dennis said.

The director of the Influenza Coordination Unit for the Centers for Disease Control said we are seeing a more severe flu season this year.

“The rate of outpatient visits is about twice what it was last year even at this early time,” Rear Admiral Stephen Redd said.

It comes on the heels of the most mild flu season in 30 years, according to Redd. He urged people to get the vaccine, even though it takes a couple of weeks to build up the immunity. And in case you’re concerned the vaccine will get you sick, he said it can’t.

“The one that we commonly hear is that getting the vaccine causes you to get the flu. That’s really just not possible,” Redd said.

A little arm soreness is most likely all you’ll get from the vaccine, something much easier to deal with than the flu.

Doctors urge everyone out there to do three things to help stop the spread: wash your hands. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and don’t go to work or send your kids to school if they are sick.

Katie Moore / Eyewitness News
Email: | Twitter: @katiecmoore

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Urgent Care MD Mardi Gras Hours

Urgent Care MD will be observing the following holiday hours during the Mardi Gras season.

We will be closed Tuesday, February 12TH and will resume regular hours Wednesday, February 13TH.

“Laissez les bons temps rouler” from our family to yours!

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Flu Shots are here!

Get your flu shot today at Urgent Care MD for only $20.00!  Walk-in or call us at 504.309.7108.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin 

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Urgent Care MD now open in Lakeview!

After much anticipation, the Lakeview area now has a state of the art medical facility. Urgent Care MD was created by Emergency Medicine Specialty Trained Physicians to provide patients with the highest level of urgent medical care and a cost effective alternative to the Hospital Emergency Room setting.

UCMD is a physician owned urgent care center that is able to provide the convenient and timely service that the New Orleans area deserves. UCMD’s only allegiance is to the patients and not to larger hospital systems, allowing us the flexibility to make decisions quickly in order to accommodate our patients needs. At Urgent Care MD, our goal is that you are truly satisfied with your experience. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Urgent Care MD is a proud member of the Lakeview Civic and Improvement Association (LCIA).

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Make an Appointment Online

ZipPass® allows visitors of the Urgent Care MD website to click on the ZipPass logo and make a same-day appointment for a visit to Urgent Care MD. Simply put, it allows our patients to “get in line, online” from the Internet.
Click ZipPass below to schedule your appointment!

ZipPass® is a service of Practice Velocity® Urgent Care EMR™

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