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Are you ready for summer in New Orleans?

As April showers turn into May flowers, New Orleans is preparing for another hot, steamy summer.

Are you ready?

Specifically, have you given your health any thought lately? 

Summer sunAt Urgent Care MD, we specialize in offering a wide range of health services, with the convenience of no-appointment-necessary urgent care speed.


Summer activities

New Orleans’ spring has been super rainy, leaving many residents chomping at the bit to get outside. Playing tennis at City Park, hitting the golf course, and taking a run the neighborhood are just some activities we enjoy during the steamy summer months. While it’s easy to say nothing will ever happen, you should always know where to head if something goes wrong. Urgent Care MD is able to treat all sorts of sports injuries, and even has X-ray capabilities on hand to make sure everything is a-ok.

Almost forgot! Urgent Care MD even offers IV hydration therapy should you find yourself really feeling the New Orleans’ heat. 


Summer Allergies & Colds

We bring this up a lot because, let’s face it, New Orleans nature causes a lot of cold and allergy issues. At Urgent Care MD in Lakeview and Canal, we offer painless alternatives to allergy shots. UCMD can also be your source for quick checkups regarding sniffles & sneezes that may be more than pesky allergies. If you find that your throat feels scratchy, drop by our offices for a quick checkup. From asthma, to a simple cold, our emergency room trained doctors can help you breathe easier.

Need an immune boost to avoid getting run down by summer sickness? Urgent Care MD has a brand new supply of B12 shots ready for you on a walk-in basis.


Don’t spend all summer sitting at the doctor

Convenience is a big reason why Urgent Care MD is a great option for so many people in New Orleans. You NEVER need an appointment to stop by and get a quick check up. Our staff works very hard to be incredibly friendly, and super fast. You, the kids, parents, and people of all ages, are treated quickly, and with the utmost care at Urgent Care MD. 

Are you planner? We do offer appointment times should you want to nail down that schedule of yours. Click here to schedule a time right now.

One more thing, UCMD offers some of the best Urgent Care prices in New Orleans. We do accept most insurance coverage, but just case you don’t want to deal with it, we take cash too!



By combining the skills of emergency room trained doctors and nurse practitioners, along with friendly office staff, Urgent Care MD prides itself on providing fast and efficient urgent care for all of New Orleans.

Urgent Care MD has two locations in New Orleans, 826 Harrison Ave in Lakeview, and 2525 Canal in Mid-City. No appointment necessary, just walk-in!

Urgent Care MD, why wait?