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A Quick Guide for Staying Healthy & Safe during Jazz Fest 2015

Jazz Fest season has finally arrived in New Orleans!

While people make plans for parking and buying tickets, many forget to make plans for staying healthy and safe during Jazz Fest.

Here’s a quick little guide for making sure injury and illness don’t ruin your festival season in New Orleans.


Jazz Fest Trumpeter1. Stay Hydrated.

The average temperature in New Orleans, from April into May, is somewhere between 82 & 87 degrees. Factor that into being exposed to sun and elements while at the Fair Grounds Race Course (site of Jazz Fest), and you’re bound to feel the Louisiana heat.

How do you beat the heat? Do your best to find plenty of shade and of course, drink LOTS of water & hydrating fluids. Here is a list of dehydration prevention tips from WebMD

You might say to yourself, “wait, those tips mainly for when you are exercising!?”

Dancing & partying for hours on end definitely counts as exercise in our book, so drink up!


2. Drinking at Jazz Fest? Definitely stay hydrated!

New Orleans is known for having mucho access to a long list of adult beverages. When it comes a giant party like Jazz Fest, you KNOW the booze will be flowing. Simply put, alcohol consumption increases your risk of dehydration. So, just like in tip #1, make sure you’re drinking plenty of non-alcoholic beverages in addition to that party juice. Better yet, just limit your alcohol intake to ensure you have a hydrated (and injury/headache free) Jazz Fest 2015.


3. Watch Your Step

As we’ve pointed out before, New Orleans is an old city, with lots of problems. One of those problems, the cracked streets and sidewalks. Not to pile onto the first 2 tips, but if you’re feeling a little woozy from not enough water + too much booze, you may not see that giant pothole. Luckily, the Fair Grounds are nice and flat (for the most part). But, in New Orleans, you never know what is around the corner… or curb.


4. Allergies

Yes, allergies. After a super rainy New Orleans’ spring, everything is looking nice and green around town. Unfortunately, this also means that allergens are filling the air. For real, the NOLA pollen forecast is a little nuts right now! Coming in from out of town? This means you may not be used to our climate (and allergens). Make sure to pack your allergy meds before leaving to enjoy Jazz Fest 2015.


5. Safety, Crime, and other Stuff

If you’re coming to Jazz Fest 2015, you’re literally going to be swimming in a sea of thousands of people. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a large music festival. Bonnaroo, one of the biggest festivals in the United States, but together this really cool, super informative, list of “Tips from the Bonnaroo Dept. of Health”. 

While Jazz Fest will have a stellar emergency team on site, if you need a little help with fluid replacement, allergy medicine, or patching up scrapes & cuts, Urgent Care MD in Lakeview and Mid-City New Orleans is here to help. Have a fun, and safe, Jazz Fest 2015!

Click here to find out everything you need to know about Jazz Fest 2015, from the official website!


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